Thursday, 1 January 2009


My name is Bill Taylor, and I am a film maker. My colleague and all around good guy is called Brian Mulholland. We are both from Northern Ireland.

Bill (left) and Brian (right)

Together, we created a series of short films for Halloween, and we named the series "Screaming Room". We also created a website at to showcase all of the videos.

Something happened after Halloween. We became despondent and restless, wondering why everything was so quiet. Why weren't people knocking on our doors congratulating us on our efforts? After all, we had accomplished a lot: all of the films on Screaming Room were made with no money, and were different from normal horror cliches.

After some discussion, we decided "to hell with that" - our egos were not that delicate that we needed people to stroke them. We knew we were capable of doing much, much more. We also knew what we were capable of doing with no money, so we decided to attempt something with a little bit of money.

Thus over a series of long winter months, "Red Harvest" was born.

"Red Harvest" is a horror film about four people who decide to relive their schooldays, when horror ensues. The title is very misleading as it is not the final title of the film, but a project codename, derived from "Blue Harvest", the production codename of "Return of the Jedi", and the colour red, which symbolises blood.

The purpose of this blog is to let the public know about the progress of the film, and to gather momentum on the project.