Wednesday, 18 February 2009

First Production Meeting

Brian and I held our first production meeting tonight, and it was a corker!
Through Lesa, we managed to use a function room at Dukes Hotel, which certainly added an air of professionalism to the proceedings. Once everyone that was invited arrived, we handed out the treatment to the film, some preliminary character drawings, a funding letter and a funding form.
I should really talk a little about how we are intending on gathering the money for the making of the film. We have went through the script and tried to budget (or overbudget as the case may be) the money we think will be needed to bring all of the elements to life. We excluded equipment and payment to actors and such as a) we have everything we need, and b) everybody involved in the project will be working for nothing. We came up with a ballpark figure, and added some extra for contingency, and came up with..... not very much at all. We were always planning on self-funding the film, but we have been overwhelmed with the response from friends and family who wish to contribute to it.
Anyway, I digress. The meeting was a success. We gained the following: a costume department, an art department, a sound engineer, an online editor, some smoke machines and a few extra departments that my tiny mind has not been able to take in as yet. We also now welcome to the fold Kieran Majury and Hugh Yeaman as part of our main cast, which is absolutely fantastic.
The ball is well and truly rolling.

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