Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Second Draft

We completed the 2nd draft of the script, and did what we had never done before - we let other people read it.

The general concensus was that it was a cracker of a script - the dialogue is sharp and funny, the characters are well-thought out and humanised, the horror is sickening and the twists and turns unexpected.

There has never been any negative comments about the script, but some people thought that it could have been longer. Roll on the third draft!

It was at this stage that we decided to cast some of the roles. Our good friend and colleague, Michael Smyth (, has always been in mind for the bad guy, mainly because he is built like a brick shithouse and wears contact lenses (probably means nothing to you now, but wait until you see the film). Michael has played numerous roles in both mine and Brian's films.

Brian also had his long-term girlfriend, Lesa Gillespie ( in mind for a role whilst writing the script, so we asked her if she was up for one of the roles after she read the script, and she said "HELL YES!", so happy days! "Red Harvest" has two confirmed cast members!

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