Thursday, 26 February 2009

Third Draft complete

Well, Brian and I finished the third draft of the script last night, and I can safely say that the feature will benefit from what we did.

First off, there was a general concensus from people that read the script that it was a tad too short. To address this, we added a few extra scenes, one of them called the "Jurassic Park opening". The new scenes certainly add more depth and explanation to an already rich script, so it will be very exciting to get them storyboarded.

Also, there was a feeling from a few people that some of the story wasn't explained enough. When we originally came up with the concept of the film, we didn't want too much exposition as we felt that we wanted people to come up with their own conclusions as to what was going on. This didn't work. We added some tasty new dialogue to a few scenes that sets the scene more clearly, as well as the already famous "Jurassic Park opening".

I truly understood the meaning of the word "compromise" last night as well. Brian felt that a fight was needed for part of the story, and I disagreed, but we managed to settle the issue like the mature adults that we are.

Once our scratches were treated with Savlon, we settled on a great compromise that not only provides yet another iconic moment to the film, but also breaks horror conventions as well as giving yet more meaning to the film.

I think all in all we have created something quite special that will ensure repeat viewings, which is never a bad thing.

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