Friday, 6 March 2009

The Circle is Now Complete...

It's very early in the morning, I'm sitting here in work, and I'm so tired that I keep seeing what looks like my work colleagues in clown attire.

I'm tired because I got in last night from the first readthrough. I may be exhausted, but my body is producing a lot of adrenalin as I am even more excited about the film.

The readthrough was fantastic. A complete success, from start to finish. Everyone was professional, and the dialogue seemed to flow off the page with ease. Also, it was great to hear the interactions between the cast and to put faces to characters that we envisioned.

Also, more important than all of that, we got our final two main cast members last night. We welcome to the cast Chris and Sarah, who fitted the parts like a familar pair of jeans.

I have to say that both Brian and I were extremely impressed with everyone's performances last night, and our thanks go to Hugh, Kieran and Lesa as well, who were stellar as usual.

"Red Harvest" is now chugging along at great speed, and everything is coming together quite well. We plan to have meetings next week with our production crews, as well as with Northern Ireland Screen to sort out insurance for the feature, but until then, fourth draft is looming closer and closer.

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