Monday, 30 March 2009


Well, last week was quite an eventful week for the production.

On Monday night, I, Brian and Roy journeyed through the streets of Belfast to visit David, who is going to build our bad guy costume. What struck me as I entered his house was two things: the amount of movie memorabilia, and more notably, the sheer size of his DVD collection! I was in absolute awe at the number of titles on his shelf. Fantastic stuff!

After a great cup of tea, provided by David’s better half, Jo, we got down to business.

David and Roy began comparing drawings they had done. I call them drawings, but they call them sketches. Yeah, right. If I could sketch like that, I’d never put a pen down, but anyways. It was amazing how similar and on the ball they both were, so after some talk about logistics and whatnot, Brian and I settled on a design based on both Roy and David’s designs, and away we went, very happy and enthused in what progress was being made.

On Tuesday, there was a cast meeting for a fourth draft read-through, which was great. Everyone brought a sense of professionalism to the lines, and we came away with yet more changes and amendments, but more importantly, the confidence in that the relationships between the characters are believable.

Our budget at the minute is coming along nicely, so that’s good news. It wouldn’t hurt to be coming along that little bit faster, but beggars (that we are) cannot be choosers.

I’ve just filled in the forms for the use of the location, so all being well, the next update will be full of goodies, and I don’t mean the comedy threesome.

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